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Blue Gourmet

Organic Rosemary Sourdough Loaf


Time to upgrade your sandwiches with the best sourdough in Dallas - this bread becomes a staple on the first bite. We love it and your family will too! Baked with all organic and kosher ingredients. 

Blue Gourmet is the bakery supplier to many of your favorite hotels and restaurants around Dallas and the country. Their breads are unique in that Ancient European methods are used to make food from scratch. Only the highest quality organic ingredients on the market are used to hand-make your food with love and dedication.

Baked and flash frozen, this will store in your freezer for several weeks or you may refrigerate for a few days. Preheat oven to 350 and warm for 10 mins to have fresh bread like you made it from scratch at home!

2 hour delivery provided for orders placed before 5:00 PM

*This product is sold by Blue Gourmet and fulfilled by Alto

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Organic Rosemary Sourdough Loaf

Organic Rosemary Sourdough Loaf