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Rosewood Ranches

Wagyu Bone-in Tomahawk Ribeye


Rosewood Ranches' signature cut, the Wagyu Bone-in Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks is 32-36 oz.

This steak has been made famous as the signature item at Jose Andres’ Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas and has been featured in Food and Wine Magazine.

Rosewood Ranches Texas-raised Wagyu cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished, free from hormones or antibiotics to deliver the highest quality steak to your plate. 

2 hour delivery provided for orders placed before 7:00 PM

*This product is sold by Rosewood Ranches and fulfilled by Alto

Wagyu Bone-in Tomahawk  Ribeye

Wagyu Bone-in Tomahawk Ribeye